mSpy GPS tracker

Monitor your kid`s real-time location remotely with mSpy parental control app

  • View your kid`s real-time location remotely;
  • Check route history over a specific timespan;
  • Set safe and dangerous zones and use the other 25 features;
  • Available on Android and iPhone;
  • 24/7 customer support

Monitor location

Keep track of your kid`s real-time location on the detailed map. Make sure they are right where they should be and neither skipping classes nor hanging out with their friends when they should do their homework assignment.

View route history

Check your kid`s route history over a specific timespan to have a clue what places they are visiting after school. Be informed of all your kid`s locations to be sure they are not visiting places you disapprove.

Access all data

Monitor all the activities that take place on your kid`s device. Apart from GPS location, you will be able to set safe and dangerous areas with geo-fencing and get alerts every time your kid leaves them. Besides, texts, call logs, browsing history, and many other features will be at parent`s disposal.

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Purchase mSpy

Go to “Buy Now” and choose the package according to your needs. Then fill the billing form and submit your order. When the payment is accepted, you will get a welcoming letter with further instructions.

Install & Setup

Follow the installation guide from your email to setup our software. It will take several minutes. In case you have any questions or need our assistance you can always contact our 24/7 support team.

Note! To use mSpy to the fullest, iOS devices require a jailbreak and Android devices should be rooted.

Start Monitoring

To start tracking a GPS location and have an access to the other activities that take place on your kid`s phone you need to log into your Control Panel.

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“Çocuğumun okulu evimizden uzak ve okuldan dönerken iyi durumda olduğundan emin olmalıyız. Geofencing olayını öğrendik ve bir şans verdik. İşe yaradığına şaşırdık, çünkü arkadaşı ile bir mağazaya gitmeye karar verdiğinde, haritada tehlikeli olarak işaretlediğimiz bölgeye girdiğinde hemen bildirim geldi. Özellikle bizim gibi meşgul ebeveynler için uygulama çok yardımcı oluyor.”

Bana hiçbir şey söylemiyordu, sebepsiz yere bana sinirleniyordu. Sürekli telefonunda ve dokunmama bile izin vermiyordu. mSpy uygulaması son çaremdi. Gözyaşlarına boğuldum. SnapChat bilgilerini incelediğimde kızım gerçek hayatta hiç karşılaşmadığı bir adamla kaçmak üzereydi. Çok teşekkür ediyorum.”

“Neden mSpy kullanmaya karar verdim? Cevabı çok basit, oturup bir şeyin olmasını beklemeyeceğim. Amanda Todd ve diğer çocuklar hakkındakileri okudum. Cidden, oğlumun güvenliği 30 dolardan daha değerli.”

“Çocukların sosyal medyada paylaştıkları şeylere inanamadım, kalbimi param parça eden nefret dolu mesajlar gördüm. Kızım kibar ve naziktir, bu nefret dolu insanları yakalayabildiğim ve kızımı taciz etmelerine engel olduğum için çok mutluyum.”

“Kızlarımı rahatsız eden çağrılar gördüm. Biri onu aradığında her seferinde sinirleniyordu. Çocuğumu tanıyorum, bu yüzden çözüm bulmam gerekiyordu. Bu gizemli adamı bulmak için bu mSpy uygulamasını aldım. Gördüklerimden sonra çılgına döndüm: kelimenin tam anlamıyla ona zorbalık yapıyordu, korkunç emojiler gönderiyordu ve okuldan sonra onu takip edeceğini söylüyordu. Ebeveynlerle buluştuk ve her şeyi halletik ”


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How to track GPS location of your kid?

Only a thought that a kid may disappear from the view sends shivers up and down to the spine of every parent. The real situation is even worse as it may provoke a heart attack among every mom and dad. In the technologically developing world, a case of child missing may be easily preventing with GPS location trackers or special pieces of software that allow to find phone location GPS.

GPS: Purpose and Usage

In modern world where smart phones and other devices hold greater impetus in most of everyday life fields, GPS tracking no longer remains to be a new term. Almost every person uses GPS to find this or that place on the map, pave the way or find GPS coordinates of current location. Besides, there are a lot of apps on the market that gives a possibility to GPS personal location, saying of your child. With all existing benefits, GPS location tracker apps remain to be one of the most preferable features people pay a great attention choosing their spying apps.

What is GPS?

GPS, Global Positioning System, is a navigation system, based on space satellite. It provides location and real-time information, for all weather conditions and different parts of the Earth. GPS provides critical capabilities for military, civil and commercial users all over the world. It is maintained by the government of United States and is available for anyone who has GPS receiver. The GPS, satellite-based navigation system is created of 24 satellites situated in the orbit by the American Department of Defense. Firstly, it was intended only for military use, but in 1980s, the U.S. government made this system available for civilian usage as well. It works in any weather condition, any part of the world, 24 hours a day. There is neither fees now setup charges for GPS usage. The only one thing you need to have is a device on which there is a GPS feature. All modern phones have this feature build-in. So if you are an owner of a smartphone or tablet, there is no doubts that you have this feature on your device.

How GPS works?

The concept of GPS is simple: the GPS receiver obtains a signal from each satellite, after they transmit the exact time when the signals were sent. Subtracting the time when the signal was transmitted from the time when a signal was sent, GPS can tell how far it is from each satellite. Besides, GPS receiver also knows the exact location in sky and can determine the position taking into consideration three dimensions – east, north and altitude.

To keep accurate time, GPS satellite has atomic clocks on board. According to General and Special relativity, the differences will appear between an identical clock om Earth and Atomic clocks.

Nevertheless, in case GPS receiver applies a signal from the fourth satellite, it can help to determine the exact time, without any need to have an atomic clock.

If the GPS receiver is capable to get signals only from 3 satellites, your position will be shown less accurate. To work your position in 3 dimensions, 4 satellites are needed. If you have three satellites, GPS receiver will get an approximate position, making an assumption that you are at mean sea level. If you are really at mean sea level, then the position will be accurate, but if you are in the mountains it will not be accurate.

Modern GPS receivers can track all available satellites at the same time, but only several of them can be used to calculate your position.

What are GPS Systems used for?

Your imagination is only the assumption of possibilities that global positioning system (GPS) may have. GPS is extremely flexible and can be easily found in a sector of any industry. So, GPS may be used for navigation, tourism, agriculture, etc. They may be used by farmers in order to harvest their fields, to navigate airplanes in the air or on the ground, for creating maps and helping tourists to pave the way. Besides, GPS systems are used for the purpose of military applications and by the emergency crews to help to locate people in the case of disaster or any other situation when they need assistance. GPS technologies operate in variety areas, you have not even considered before.

Generally, Global Positioning System applications are divided into 5 main categories:

  1. Location – used to determine a position of something or someone;
  2. Navigation – used for getting from one location to another;
  3. Tracking – used to monitoring a person`s movement or any other object;
  4. Mapping – used for creating world maps;
  5. Timing – used to bring the precise timing to the world.

Who uses GPS?

Nowadays, GPS systems are used to track GPS location all over the world for such areas: aviation, mining, agriculture, surveying, marine, recreation and military. Sailors, delivery drivers, doctors, scientists, farmers, soldiers, pilots, hikers, fishermen, dispatchers, athletes, and many other people use GPS systems to get most of their work, making in more productive, easier and safer.

Recently, more and more parents start to track phone GPS location of their kids to be always sure they are safe and nothing bad occurred to them. Monitoring current GPS location of you kid will give you a peace of mind and will protect you from undesired stresses.

Why you need to track GPS location of your kid?

One of the biggest fears any parent may have is lost their kid out of sight. The question where is my kid can lead to a heart attack among any mom and dad. While many parents try not to deprive their kid`s free time when they play outdoors or spend time with their friends, it still scary to leave them without supervision. The best thing parents can do nowadays is to take the most of modern technologies and take benefits of how technologically developed our world has become. Let us say, great number of parents have already started relying on GPS location tracker.

GPS, global positioning system firstly was used for military needs, but times has changed and now all people has an access to it and understand its importance, especially for families with kids.

Why GPS is important for kids?

Primarily, parents use GPS location finder to protect kids and secure their safety. On the market there are great number of apps to track phone location by GPS. They are convenient and simple in use as they don`t require any additional devices in handy, but an ordinary smartphone.

In a time where kid`s kidnapping became a frequent thing, tracking GPS location of your kid is essential and needed. Another season to have GPS location tracking is the possibility to lose a kid when they wander off even if you watch them. Choosing an app to find GPS location, parents should pay attention to the flexibility, convenience, number of another monitoring features and price. As for parents, it is important to find reliable and convenient app to invest their money in the right product to keep kids safe and sound.

Learn how to keep your kids safe and protect them from the dangers they may face outside like predators, kidnappers, bad company. With modern technology and GPS phone location tracker, life may become much easier and simple.

Among all GPS location apps, mSpy is the most reliable. mSpy has great number of powerful and essential features, that allow not only to track kids location, but to read their texts, monitor their calls, browsing history, instant messengers and many other things. Talking about location, parents are also able to set safe and dangerous areas and get notifications every time their kids migrate between them. Besides, parents can track real-time location of their kids on the detailed map on their Control Panel remotely. By virtue of all these features, parents can supervise all their kids’ activities remotely and have a peace of mind that nothing bad threats their kids.

Thanks to mSpy GPS tracker, any parent can easily monitor their kids whereabouts and set virtual barriers with Geo-fencing feature, so if your kid visits a granny or skip school you will be able to view it remotely from your Control Panel. Another benefit of tracker GPS spy, if that it can be used for monitoring kids with special needs. For example, kids with autism or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Besides, people with dementia can take benefits from GPS tracker as well.

Tracking location by GPS is a recent innovation, which is based on modern GPS technology. Now parents can find a GPS location of their kids, when they are not around and want to check where their children are at this very moment. Many parents hesitate if it is fair to use this feature to GPS current location of a kid, as it may lead to quarrel, anger, misunderstanding or may seem as intrusion in kid`s privacy.

Nevertheless, teens are still minors and it is your prerogative to care of their safety and use all means at your disposal to protect them, monitoring their activities. Underage kids don`t have critical thinking, for this reason it is hard for them to determine what is good and what is bad. Teens grow and learn during a time when they have great number of responsibilities and it is common thing that they have some issues during their way.

As a parent, you need to understand that GPS cell phone location of your kid is not creepy and you have nothing to be ashamed of. It is one of the available methods parents can use to guide their kids into the right direction and teaching them what is appropriate and what is not. Keeping an eye wide open on youth whereabouts and other activities is a precaution parents can take when they give more freedom to their kids. Here are two examples when monitoring kid`s location can protect parents from a grief:

  1. Forget about worries - For kids it is a common thing to hang out with their peers after school and come home much later than curfew time. When a kid is not at home by curfew time, and is not picking the phone, location GPS tracking may come in handy. With ability to track GPS location of phone, parents can always be aware where a kid is at this very moment without any need to give intrusive calls. Having an access to GPS location on a cell phone of your kid, you can:
    1. figure out where a kid is and whether they are involved in any dangerous situation and need your assistance;
    2. defying your rules visiting distant areas of the city;
    3. simply lost track of time.

    For all these reasons GPS location service like mSpy may come to the rescue.

  2. Get into the accident - Car accidents among kids of 16-19 are the highest comparing to the other ages. Using location GPS tracker like mSpy, may be the best precaution to be sure that your new road fresher is safe and sound on the road. They may delate a tire, stand on the roadside without any person to help, get into a car accident or at worse even get into hospital. Both these issues require immediate actions and ability to get GPS location of your kid.

In digital era we live in, parents have more chances to find cell phone location GPS of their kids. mSpy parental control app allows not only to track kid`s location GPS coordinates, but also have an access to another features: text and call tracking, browsing history monitoring, setting safe and dangerous areas and many other things.

Tracking GPS phone location, parents can always know where a kid is and whether they need any assistance or a help hand. Besides, with mSpy GPS tracker, parents can set safe and dangerous areas and get a notification every time they enter them.

How to GPS someone`s phone location with mSpy?

If you are a parent of a teen, and want to GPS a phone location of your kid, mSpy can help you. It is a powerful spy GPS tracker app, that apart from GPS child location, provides monitoring features for texts, call logs, browsing history, instant messengers and many other things. mSpy is the best spy GPS tracker app, that allows not only to monitor your kid`s online activities, but to track their incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received text messages, track their browsing history, read emails, use keyword alerts, set safe and dangerous zones and much more.

Using mSpy parents can:

  • monitor kid`s real-time locations on the detailed map remotely;
  • view kids` route history over specific period of time;
  • have an access to kids` information data directly from their Control Panel;

Why mSpy GPS tracker is needed?

Unfortunately, parents can`t be with their kids all the time. And when they are not around kids may simply wander off, get lost or being abducted. Using mSpy GPS spy tracker, parents can always be sure that their kids are there where they are supposed to be, easily tracking their current location GPS. Using mSpy, parents can track their kids` whereabouts, view their route history and set safe and dangerous areas remotely. So, if the barriers are bleached, parents will be informed by the instant notification.

How mSpy GPS works?

Nowadays, for parents, it is very easy to locate kid`s device to track phone GPS location online. With mSpy this process is as easy as a piece of cake. With mSpy parents can not only spy GPS tracker Android, but also spy GPS tracker iPhone.

Here are three steps to do it:

  1. Buy mSpy - Firstly, open the site and choose a package according to your needs, then fill in the billing form and submit your order. When the payment will be completed you will get a welcoming letter with further installation guide.
  2. Install mSpy - Follow the instruction guide from your welcoming letter. The installation process is short and doesn`t require a lot of time. In case you need any assistance or have questions you can always contact our support team, available 24/7.
  3. Start tracking - Go into your Control Panel and start monitoring your kid`s location, view current whereabouts on the detailed map, set safe and dangerous areas and any other activities that take place on your kid`s phone. besides parents can track texts (sent, received and even deleted ones), view incoming and outgoing calls, monitor instant messengers (Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), browsing history and much more.

In this article we answered a question “How can I GPS a cell phone location of my kid?”. For parents it is natural to worry about their kids` safety and do their best to protect them. Looking for GPS location of your kid allows parents to be confident about kids whereabouts and phone activities every time you are not around or when kids leave the house. Using geo-fencing feature, parents can set safe and dangerous areas with mSpy parental control app and control their locations over the detailed map remotely, receiving notifications every time kids leave their safe location. Phone GPS location monitoring helps parents to have a peace of mind when they are no around.

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